Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Avebury and dog meat

Letter from Bristol member to Southampton Echo:

In the fantasy world of creative prose which fraudulently conceived the NHS propaganda booklet underpinning the Hampshire fluoridation consultation, the almost unremembered figure of Lord Avebury (a failed Liberal politician), being described as "the well-known supporter of human rights" was cited as having "pointed out" that fluoridation was NOT mass medication. There was no reference to any source by which he would have reached that conclusion; and nothing further about it at all. It was a case of "a noble Lord had said it; it was a gold-plated assurance, therefore no further discussion was needed."

Avebury might have been better remembered for drawing to himself a measure of public ridicule for declaring his intention to leave his body, not to medical science, but to a dog-meat factory. Sir Clement Freud, at that time, was hosting dog meat advertisements on ITV and his reference, on a radio comedy show, to 'nourishing Avebury meaty chunks' brought the proverbial house down.

Couldn't the NHS have done better than to choose a titled crackpot to convince us of the fraud it was mandating upon us?

Bernard J Seward