Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Sheffield to fluoridate?

John Green, director of Dental Public Health at Sheffield Primary Care Trust, the author of a new report into children's dental health and dental services in Sheffield said: "There has been no change in dental health in the last 10 years. Improvements we have seen in the 80s and 90s have stopped. This is a big problem as we are not getting any further and the inequalities are as great as ever."

This is just not the whole story - this statement has much misinformation that a glance at other entries to this blog will clarify. Thankfully Sheffield Council has so far rejected requests from health chiefs to add the chemical to tap water, but campaigners will need to continue to work hard to stop the health authority recommending fluoride. Mr Green, has now presented his findings to a meeting of Sheffield Council's Children and Young Person Scrutiny and Policy Board. We await with interest and concern the next moves. Rotherham Council is also currently considering whether to approve fluoridation for its water supply.

Monday, 26 February 2007

More letters to get fluoridation talked about

A collection of letters from our prolific letter writer Bernard Seward in Bristol:

1. To: BBC Today Programme
Subject: Mercury - health hazard or health benefit.

Linda McCavan, who is concerned about the escape of mercury from barometers, would do well to ask the Department of Health for a chemical analysis of Hexafluorosilicic acid which is the complex compound being used to treat the water supplies of 9 per cent of the British population. There she will find included, not only mercury, but lead and cadmium as well. While she was right to mention the neurotoxicant effects of the heavy metal; carcinogenics are also represented in this extremely dangerous mix, said to be beneficial to the dental welfare of young children. The long term health hazards, proven beyond doubt by international research, have been suppressed and sidelined by successive health ministers anxious, or under direction, not to rock the boat of the received wisdom of 'fluoridation' upon which so many health professionals have pinned their reputations.

Bernard J Seward

2. To: BBC Today Programme
Subject: Alzheimers Disease

During the Radio 4 Today item on the question of treatment for Alzheimer's Disease, one of the experts spoke of the condition as 'genetic'. If that is taken to mean 'inherited', it needs to be pointed out that there is an environmentally-related possible cause of this distressing disease which should be addressed without prejudice. I state this because it has been largely concealed from public consideration for the last half century by successive governments dedicated to perpetuating a scientific fraud.

I quote, with some minor editing cuts, from GROVES B. Fluoride - Drinking Ourselves to Death Newleaf 2001

IT HAS BEEN KNOWN for many years that fluoride (a fluorine compound) inhibits Acetylcholinesterase which is involved in transmitting signals along nerves. Clinical and physiological studies from Russia, published in 1974, demonstrated that patients with occupational fluorosis exhibited disturbed nervous activity and brain dysfunction.

China, like India, has high levels of endemic fluorosis. Not surprisingly, a great deal of research into other possible effects of fluorides has been conducted in these two countries. The first suggestions that fluorides could affect the brain were published in 1982. Since then there have been many studies of the role of fluorides in brain development and corresponding effects on intelligence.

For many years, researchers have noticed that elderly people suffering from Alzheimers Disease have high levels of Aluminium in their brains. From what source? Aluminium is used in the manufacture of cooking pans and aluminium compounds are frequently added to the water supplies as clarifying agents, but since aluminium on its own is not readily absorbed by the body, there must be another reason. There is.
Fluoride, whether from natural sources, the artificially added Sodium fluoride or the more common (and dangerous) Hexafluorosilicic acid, combines with the aluminium to form aluminium fluoride which is easily absorbed.

After population studies showed a higher incidence of Alzheimer's Disease among people who lived in artificially fluoridated areas, Dr Rob Isaacson of the State University of New York added aluminium fluoride to rats' food. He found that the rats lost their sense of smell, developed short term memory problems and other characteristics of Alzheimer's Disease.

Isaacson made comparative studies of the effects of Sodium fluoride and Aluminium fluoride to determine if fluoride's effect on aluminium cookware, or its effect when combined with aluminium sulphate, added to some water as a flocculent, had an impact on the developemt of Alzheimer's Disease. The result was positive.
The aluminium fluoride was more toxic to the brain than Sodium fluoride. This finding has great significance as Alzheimer's disease was unknown until people started using aluminium cookware.

Experiments performed in 1987 at the Medical Research Endocrinology Department, Newcastle upon Tyne; and the Physics Department of the University of Ruhana, Sri Lanka, showed that water fluoridated at the 'optimal' level of 1.0 ppm, when used in cooking with aluminium cookware, concentrated the aluminium up to 600 ppm. A similar test carried out in Antigo, Wisconsin USA revealed an aluminium concentration increase of 833 times, with a doubling of the fluoride content.

The PTFE coatings, now used extensively for non-stick cooking pans, are also a well-known source of liberated fluoride.

Yours sincerely

Bernard J Seward

3. To: Daily Telegraph
Subject: Its Fluoride (pollution) time again.

If Gordon Brown wants to make Britain the best educated nation in the world, he should talk to the Chinese. China is priding itself on turning out 20 thousand or more graduates year on year and is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of that goal.

One of those stones is the removal of an impediment to IQ among children aged 8 to 13. Research by Chinese scientists in 1995 found a correlation between high levels of naturally occuring fluorides in the ground water and incidents of serious brain dysfunction.

Less than two years on, in the US, a comprehensive report entitled 'Toxic-induced Blood Vessel Inclusions caused by Chronic Administration of Aluminium and Sodium fluorides and their Implications for Dementia'
by a scientist named J A Varner, with colleagues, discovered that tap water fluoridated at one part per million could cause neurotoxicity where aluminium (used to clarify water) was present at only half that concentration.

In 1994, Richard Masters and Aaron Coplan, scientist and water engineer respectively, in a study of 280 thousand children in Massachussetts found high lead levels in the blood of those living in fluoridated communities. Lead, of course, is a heavy metal we'd rather do without because heavy metals compromise normal brain development and neurotransmitter function, leading to long term deficits in learning and social behaviour.

Ironically - for the fluoridation proponents - a major survey of 120 thousand children in fluoridated New York State found that those with high lead levels also had more tooth decay than children living in neighbouring unfluoridated communities. This was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association and commented at some length by the New York State Coalition on Fluoridation. The NYSCOF web site makes compulsive viewing. Even the listed report headings spell out big trouble for fluoride consumers.

So with the benefit of their own research and that of other countries, now freely available and accessible on the international networks, the Chinese authorities are playing safe and have banned fluoridation, cancelling existing schemes and abandoning plans for similar interventions, all in the interests of the pursuit of academic excellence among their young people.

Another of the West's competitors in the knowledge economy, India, has legislated to remove all fluorides from water before it reaches the suppliers. In short, a fluoridated water supply is inconsistent with academic achievement among its consumers. The condition of their teeth is an irrelevance.

So, wake up Gordon Brown! Don't glibly accept all that stale US-inherited Dental Association hype. If waste elimination features in your new manifesto, make a start by witholding further treasury funding for any more ill-considered or fraudulently manipulated health schemes. If British education is really worth fighting for, and it is; it should be easy enough to set aside the collection of disparate professional views in your targeted objective.

Bernard J Seward

4. To: bbc@focusmagazine.com
Subject: Letters - Re Household Chemicals

We may not buy it by the bottle but one dangerous chemical which enters the homes of nine per cent of the population of Britain and Ireland under water fluoridation schemes, is Hexafluorosilicic acid. A toxic bioaccumulator with 60 per cent kidney retention, H2SiF6 attacks tooth enamel, destroys over half the enzymes we all need to function properly and weakens the immune system. The internationally-validated evidence against it is overwhelming. Mainland Europe has recognised the potential health hazards and abandoned fluoridation but the UK Government not only stubbornly supports it, but refuses point-blank to debate it, while muzzling the media against even mentioning it in open discussion.
Bernard J Seward

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Fluoridated Birmingham is a record holder for dental and skeletal fluorosis

It does not appear to be widely known in the West Midlands that one of the variable components of the additive euphemistically termed 'fluoride', used to treat the population through it's water supply, is Polonium 210.This is the radioactive mineral which was used to poison Alexander Litvienko.The chemical analysis of 'fluoride' is usually given as H2SiF6, but sometimes H2SiF4 because of the uncertain balance of minerals within the compound. Generically, Hexafluorosilicic acid is not only radioactive, but highly soluble when taken both orally and dermally, corrosive enough in its concentrated state to corrode glass and thereby a threat to the enamel of the teeth of its target population; and an inhibitor of Calcium in bone development. Small wonder that Birmingham holds the countrywide record for hip fractures and is a contender for similar in terms of dental and skeletal fluorosis. The neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity of the compound, due to its silicon and heavy metal content, are additional 'bonuses' for public health.Thanks to what appears to be a low-profile 'public' consultation, the practice of fluoridation could be extended well beyond the current 9 per cent of the UK population, ultimately to the detriment of its consumers; certainly to a reduced life expectancy. We all have the right not to be medicated or medically treated by compulsion, irrespective of claims of benefit and safety. It is anathema to the principles of democracy.Is there nobody in your neck of the woods sufficiently concerned (or informed) to challenge this long-standing political scam?

Bernard J Seward. Avon, Glos and Wilts Safe Water Campaign

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Flawed Science

The news that US scientists have been offered money to produce contrarian evidence to mitigate concern about global warming brings to mind a precedent.
During World War 2, the team of defence scientists working on the Manhattan Project - the race to make the atomic bomb ahead of Germany - co-opted a dentist who was paid to fabricate a convincing case for the public consumption of gaseous Hydrogen fluoride, the spent chemical used for Uranium enrichment. Hundreds of thousands of tons of this chemical, supplied originally by the DuPont de Nemours Corporation, was standing in holding tanks.
It was so toxic and corrosive it could not be released into the environment and dumping it at sea was not an option, but adding it, a drop at a time, to everybody's water supply, apparently was. Thus was born the practice of 'fluoridation'.
The dentist? He was given the task of working up the theory (still unvalidated even today), that the presence of natural insoluble Calcium fluoride in groundwater somehow conferred a degree of resistance to tooth decay among children. The notion went like this: If Calcium fluoride was beneficial, why not Hydrogen fluoride?
Ignoring the very grave and significant differences between the two materials, a thesis was concocted which 'proved' the theory. The US Environmental Protection Agency was leaned on to support it and a multi-million dollar programme was launched to promote 'Fluoride - the Magic Bullet for Kids' Teeth' in all anglophile countries having a nuclear capability. This, of course, included us in the UK and was sustained throughout the Cold War.
The flawed science supporting fluoridation was passed around in professional and academic circles and many medical students would have taken it on board as part of their studies, consolidating the thesis as a kind of 'gospel', immune from negative criticism.
Deeper thinking people, including uncorrupted scientists who opposed the idea, were overruled by the US Defense Department which insisted that fluoridation was necessary in the interests of national security. Even the 1500 white coats working for the EPA who jointly signed a lengthy and scientifically reasoned statement condemning fluoridation policy, were blasted by the American Dental Association which attempted to rubbish the integrities of all of them.
Today, those ADA members who took part in professional character assassinations have been replaced with a successive generation of younger and more enlightened personnel.
A recent communiqué tells us that the ADA has issued a stern warning to the global trader Wal-Mart to stop selling fluoridated 'baby-water', promoted for making up formula feeds, on account of its threat to infant health. It should come as no surprise to learn that a substance, powerful enough in concentrated form to corrode glass would, diluted even at 1 or 2 mg per litre, also attack tooth enamel and displace bone calcium over a period of time short enough to guarantee dental fluorosis before teen age; and full scale skeletal fluorosis well before middle age.
So, will it take a new generation of scientists to lead the way to combat global warming where our present leaders, mired in economic theory, cannot ditch the spin to act fast enough; and have we enough time left to wait until they do?
Bernard J Seward, Member : Avon, Glos & Wilts Safe Water Campaign, National Pure Water Association, Socialist Environment & Resources Association.