Sunday, 18 August 2013

Israel Will End Fluoridation in 2014

We are still waiting for certainty over Southampton not proceeding with fluoridation - see here - we heard again from campaigners there this week that they still haven't heard. However in the meantime it was good to hear that Israel, which made fluoridation mandatory in 1974, is to ban it. On July 29, their Supreme Court ruled that fluoridation of public water supplies must stop in one year - health concerns were cited.

The world over it seems countries are stopping water fluoridation - only 3% of Europe remains fluoridated - sadly 10% in the UK and the last Government seemed bent on over-riding local opinion to try and fluoridated wider areas - Southampton was the first main area so if this is stopped it seems likely it will not proceed in other areas.

Source: Israel Will End Fluoridation in 2014, Citing Health Concerns;

Monday, 22 July 2013

Fluoridation in Southampton is dead in water?

Just got this in an email..."Just had the news that a QC employed by Hampshire County Council has given his opinion that water fluoridation in Southampton is NOT an existing scheme.  No contract has been signed with Southern Water and arrangements have not been entered into. Therefore, this brings to an end the farce which was first started in 2008.....this means that Southampton and South-West Hampshire are safe for now."

See the report from the Daily Echo:

All good news as hopefully this will put off others trying to fluoridate our water supplies.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Campaign pic; meeting in Stroud soon

This pic has been doing the rounds on Facebook - but just wanted to update this site to say we are organising a local meeting very soon - do get in touch if interested.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Safe Water Information Service relaunched

Good news...the Safe Water Information Service (SWIS) is being relaunched. This will provide an additional national service, that will compliment the work of the NPWA. A basic website is already operative and can be viewed at

The introduction on the site states that the  aim of SWIS is
  • to provide information on water fluoridation and
  • to connect and support individuals and groups opposing fluoridation in the UK
The site author writes: "The first aim is to provide general public information in a different way. Currently there is a simple statement of the case. I hope to augment this with a power-point type visual presentation of the core issues, which can be run, or downloaded and adapted. Secondly, the site will focus on topical issues, such as the implications of the new consultation regulations. Do you agree, or do you have other ideas on how we might develop the site?"

Above all, SWIS  is intended as a resource for campaigners. Advice and information can flow both ways.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Support Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Below is the Hampshire Against Fluoridation news item - any support on this would be great....

The Eastleigh by-election provides an excellent opportunity to raise the issue of water fluoridation. Please take every opportunity to ask candidates or the national politicians supporting them, what their views on water fluoridation are. Explain that Eastleigh will be fluoridated against the wishes of the local council and County Council as well as the majority of the local population. You could also point out that after four years we still do not know exactly which areas of the Borough will receive fluoridated water or how much it will cost.

When David Cameron visited Southampton before the election in 2010 he said local people should decide and Nick Clegg wrote to a HAF Committee member calling fluoridation mass medication which should not be imposed by Government edict. Why then are people in Eastleigh having water fluoridation forced on them by an unelected Strategic Health Authority that will cease to exist after March 2013? Why hasn't the Coalition Government put a stop to it?

You could also write to the candidates:

Maria Hutchings (Conservatives)

Mike Thornton (LibDem)

John O'Farrell (Labour)

Dr Iain MacLellan (National Health Action Party)

Diane James (UKIP)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hampshire: still to go-ahead with fluoridation?

The excellent Hampshire Against Fluoridation campaign, who have visited us here in Stroud, have just released their latest newsletter. It is well worth a read as it covers the on-going battle they have there - and also the ChildSmile project in Scotland showing the best ways to cut tooth decay. See: