Thursday, 14 February 2013

Support Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Below is the Hampshire Against Fluoridation news item - any support on this would be great....

The Eastleigh by-election provides an excellent opportunity to raise the issue of water fluoridation. Please take every opportunity to ask candidates or the national politicians supporting them, what their views on water fluoridation are. Explain that Eastleigh will be fluoridated against the wishes of the local council and County Council as well as the majority of the local population. You could also point out that after four years we still do not know exactly which areas of the Borough will receive fluoridated water or how much it will cost.

When David Cameron visited Southampton before the election in 2010 he said local people should decide and Nick Clegg wrote to a HAF Committee member calling fluoridation mass medication which should not be imposed by Government edict. Why then are people in Eastleigh having water fluoridation forced on them by an unelected Strategic Health Authority that will cease to exist after March 2013? Why hasn't the Coalition Government put a stop to it?

You could also write to the candidates:

Maria Hutchings (Conservatives)

Mike Thornton (LibDem)

John O'Farrell (Labour)

Dr Iain MacLellan (National Health Action Party)

Diane James (UKIP)