Friday, 30 March 2007

Why Basel stopped fluoridation

Last week we had our usual monthly meeting - getting ready for our AGM and launch of our new beer mats - in the process of getting paperwork together I came across this again from the 'North West Councils against fluoridation' written in May 2003 - it is another useful reminder about why we should not be going down the route of water fluoridation:

"Except for one small area in Spain Europe is now fluoride free, the last fluoridated city Basel in Switzerland stopped fluoridation last month after 41 years giving 4 precise reasons:

1. The preventative effect of the fluoridation of drinking water could not be proved by any study. When specialists do not succeed in producing definite proof in 40 years, the issue has to be abandoned.

2. Inspite of the fluoridation of drinking water caries has been on the increase with children.

3. The danger of fluorosis is played down, nobody talks about fluorosis of the bones. The fluoridation of drinking water is particularly problematic in the case of young children and babies.

4. Less than 1% of the fluoride in drinking water is actually used for "prevention of caries", more than 99% of the fluoridated water is used for washing, cleaning, industrial production etc and thus only pollutes the environment, a very undesirable imbalance.

I think this says it all!"

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Talk: Is our drinking water still at risk?

The Safe Water campaign for Gloucestershire invites all to attend a presentation featuring Rissa Mohabir, a local homeopath talking about the effects of fluoride and Bernard Seward, a long term campaigner against water fluoridation.

Details: 10.45 a.m Saturday 28th April at the British School, Painswick Inn , Gloucester Street, Stroud.

More info from Philip Booth on 01453 755451 or R.Mehta 47, Bisley Old Road, Stroud, GL5 1LY.

Friday, 9 March 2007

David Drew asks question on impact of fluoride on infants

Photo: Very mild to severe dental fluorisis

Yesterdays Written Answers from Hansard: David Drew MP (Stroud, Labour): To ask the Secretary of State for Health what research her Department is undertaking into the impact of fluoride intake upon infants.

Rosie Winterton Rosie Winterton (Minister of State (Health Services), Department of Health):
"Research evidence shows, that apart from the benefits to oral health, the only effect of adding fluoride to drinking water to a level of one part per million is on the incidence of dental fluorosis. Since this effect occurs when the permanent dentition is developing in infancy, it has been suggested that babies fed on infant formula, which has been made up with fluoridated water, may be at risk. The most common manifestation of dental fluorosis is a white flecking of the teeth. However, the affected teeth still enjoy the same protection from decay that fluoridation offers. The evidence to date shows that only a very small minority of people are concerned by the cosmetic effects of dental fluorosis, but we are considering the commissioning of further research in this area."
It seems to me a letter or several to Ms Winterton is in order. See here for more info re dental fluorosis and here for more re infant formulas.