Monday, 7 July 2008

Got a health problem?

See a doctor
Which one?
Your choice!

Consult a specialist?
Your choice!

Go into Hospital?
Your choice!

Time of year?
Your choice!

Post operative medicine?
Or rely on vitamins?
Your choice!

Poisonous fluoride in your water supply?
Definitely – No Choice
We know best.

Who is the royal ‘WE’?
British Dental Association
British Medical Association
British Fluoridation Society
Secretary of State for Health
Chief Medical Officer of Health
Strategic Health Authorities
152 Members of Parliament, most of whom support the principle of CHOICE in public health issues.
Fluoride producers. They profit from selling it, as a waste product, to the Government
Spring water bottlers
Filter manufacturers
Shippers and Hauliers
Anti-terrorism security firms
Fluoride dissolves glass, steel and concrete.