Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mercury, fluoride and more

Letter sent to Western Daily by Safe Water member expressing his own views:

I see the Director of Bristol's Public Health, Dr Hugh Annett, has been dismissive of alarms raised by those readers concerned about the neurotoxic element Mercury being part of the mix of the swine flu vaccine. "Just a preservative..." he says, as though it is of small consequence. One of my technology college technicians was poisoned to death by an exploding thermometer vaporising its contents. Mercury is not something to be trifled with and readers are justified in their concern.

By the same token, its presence in the industrial waste compound misleadingly called 'fluoride' the potential threat to our general health, also under the hippocritical promotion of Dr Annett, should be condemned.

Besides mercury, its residues include, cadmium, chromium, silicon and two radioactive elements, one of which decays to lead. It really should have no place in anything even remotely connected with public health, at whatever concentration, but the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency MHRA appears to be prepared, inexplicably, to give it complete clearance.

The graph of a 25 year Swedish survey conducted under the auspices of the World Health Organisation, plotting the general decline in tooth decay throughout European countries, shows upward/reverse trends only in those countries where fluoridation has been promoted and adopted, suggesting that fluoride actually causes dental decay instead of preventing it as is claimed.

Arthritis is one of the serious conditions implicated. The cause and effect of fluoride on that condition was established in 1993 by Dr Robert Carton, a risk assessment manager for the US Environmental Protection Agency. Carton had conducted research based on the medical records of several hundred thousand women, post-65 years of age, some of whom had been exposed to fluoridated water supplies. Those who had been so exposed suffered from arthritis - all of them; but those living in unfluoridated communities and states, were relatively free of the disease.

Our Government's attitude to that research; and more like it from other countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, India and Japan, has been to ignore it. The MHRA is obviously content to follow that policy along with the Health & Safety Executive, the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the British Dental Association, the BMA and successive health ministers of both main political parties,

The history of fluoridation has been characterised internationally by droves of distinguished 'experts' and learned bodies side-stepping their public responsibility to tell the truth. Today, nothing seems to have changed.

Bernard J Seward