Thursday, 27 March 2014

Guardian poll still open

Please consider voting no in the Guardian poll (in right hand column):

Update 29th March: The Guardian  poll is now closed – although you can still comment.

The final vote was 63% No, 37 yes – a big  shift from  53/47 on Wednesday night.
There were 423 comments

The Mail-online is also now closed  for comment – there were 197 comments;

Around 80% of the comments were anti-fluoridation and there were  a number of very thoughtful  and detailed cases, particularly on the Guardian site.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The battle begins again.....

Disturbing to see fluoridation is back on the agenda - Sue Gregory, Public Health England's director of dental public health is reported by BBC and others claiming a new study shows reduced tooth decay - see BBC report yesterday here. Yet to fluoridate our water is basically mass medication - the fluoride added is a by product of industry and not at all the same as naturally occurring fluoride - all other countries are retreating from fluoride - only parts of Spain in mainland Europe has similar levels of fluoridation....many of us opposing fluoridation are also not convinced by the studies showing no health effects - indeed there are many also showing the impact of fluoride.