Friday, 10 December 2010

South Glos say no?

Comment from one of our Safe Water Campaign members:

Although I have not yet seen the printed document to confirm, I am reliably assured that the Director of Public Health for South Gloucestershire and his PCT (or equivalent) has decided against applying for a 'technical feasibility study', the normal opening round to engage with the water supplier in a prospective fluoridation scheme.

This means that as one of the four unitary authorities comprising CUBA (Counties that used to be Avon), he has effectively put the monty python foot on the whole scheme for 'Avon'.

Bristol Bath and North East Somerset North Somerset and South Gloucestershire will therefore be free from ideological, political and chemical interference by all pro-fluoridation propagandists. Somebody should propose a deafening round of applause; but for those members of the dental profession who have been heard to lament the dental health prospects for underprivileged children, they should now read all the background evidence that the NHS has suppressed and ask themselves whether the more appropriate Plan B of the Scottish pattern (or a better one), would safeguard young teeth, irrespective of the earnings potential of the pseudo-treatment of fluorosis and hypothyroidism. These are but two of the menu of serious side-effects of fluoride exposure, formerly dismissed, by many of those whom we have elected to govern us, as 'silly scare stories'

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Another letter in Western Daily

This letter was published last week in the Western Daily Press.

It was interesting to read of a possible solution to Alzheimer's Disease, discovered in the USA, with the assistance of laboratory rats. This could be the breakthrough for which we've all been waiting in the quest to defeat this distressing condition.

But, quick off the mark, we have experts predicting a prolonged delay in transferring the research to humans. While being aware that tests for human medical treatment need to be conducted rigorously, isn't it just possible that the experts (some of them, at least), are self-interested specialists whose careers depend upon the continuity of AD?

If this sounds cynical, let's look again at the work of Dr Phyllis Mullenix PhD of Boston, Massachusetts. Working in the 60s at the Forsyth Dental Institute, she established beyond doubt that artificially fluoridated water seriously compromises brain development, even in unborn children.

Actually, her research brief was to have confirmed that fluoride was as safe as was generally thought, so the results she obtained were unexpected and quite astonishing. Her discovery should, in the ethics of good science and good medicine, have rung alarm bells all over the USA.

Was she acclaimed and honoured for her important discovery? No; she was fired. Not only that,
her records, notes, tapes, etc were 'mysteriously' damaged but having had the foresight to publish her work before the dead hand of self-interest intervened, we have, on international record, an 'inconvenient truth'; one of many such scientific embarrassments which our Department of Health has made it its business to ignore in its unethical, illogical and illegal pursuit of 'fluoridation for all'

Let us hope our Alzheimers patients get a better deal.

Bernard J Seward