Saturday, 10 February 2007

Fluoridated Birmingham is a record holder for dental and skeletal fluorosis

It does not appear to be widely known in the West Midlands that one of the variable components of the additive euphemistically termed 'fluoride', used to treat the population through it's water supply, is Polonium 210.This is the radioactive mineral which was used to poison Alexander Litvienko.The chemical analysis of 'fluoride' is usually given as H2SiF6, but sometimes H2SiF4 because of the uncertain balance of minerals within the compound. Generically, Hexafluorosilicic acid is not only radioactive, but highly soluble when taken both orally and dermally, corrosive enough in its concentrated state to corrode glass and thereby a threat to the enamel of the teeth of its target population; and an inhibitor of Calcium in bone development. Small wonder that Birmingham holds the countrywide record for hip fractures and is a contender for similar in terms of dental and skeletal fluorosis. The neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity of the compound, due to its silicon and heavy metal content, are additional 'bonuses' for public health.Thanks to what appears to be a low-profile 'public' consultation, the practice of fluoridation could be extended well beyond the current 9 per cent of the UK population, ultimately to the detriment of its consumers; certainly to a reduced life expectancy. We all have the right not to be medicated or medically treated by compulsion, irrespective of claims of benefit and safety. It is anathema to the principles of democracy.Is there nobody in your neck of the woods sufficiently concerned (or informed) to challenge this long-standing political scam?

Bernard J Seward. Avon, Glos and Wilts Safe Water Campaign