Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Fluoride and DNA

One view re fluoride and DNA from one of the Safe Water members in Bristol - sent as a letter to the Daily Telegraph:

Robert Colville is wrong to label DNA as an infallable way to sort the innocent from the guilty.

DNA tests can be irreproducible for many reasons, and comparisons are never foolproof. One well-documented way in which DNA sequences can become disrupted is via the ongoing consumption of artificially fluoridated drinking water (or via ongoing exposure to any other internalisable fluoride source, including fluoride-polluted air). This is linked with the ability of the fluoride ion, even at the very low levels involved, to inhibit the enzymes which are essential for the repair of damaged or broken DNA strands.

Somebody should have reminded Health Secretary Alan Johnson about this before he commissioned more worthless fluoridation consultations. Denying the people their individual right not to be 'treated' with fluoridation chemicals - on the highly contentious basis of demonstrable juvenile dental benefits, or for any other reason - is not the stuff of a free society and is almost certainly illegal under fundamental EU Human Rights legislation. This is a matter that cries out to be tested in Court at the earliest possible opportunity, even if it makes crime detection only marginally less reliable!

Bernard J Seward
Bristol BS9 4QP


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