Saturday, 17 May 2008

AGM: Mysteries of water

Yes it was our AGM today - see the last post for further details re the presentation from Bernard Seward on IQs and below re Simon Charter's talk on the Mysteries of Water. The turn out at our AGM was somewhat disappointing - despite having handed out many leaflets about the talk and stuck up posters there were still only 25 people.

However I suspect as the threat of fluoridation is not imminent in Gloucestershire then there is not so much concern - plus there is still confusion about fluoride and chlorine - and the fact that fluoride is in toothpaste must mean it is good for us.....?? And in any case there are many other local issues at the moment including post office closures, plans for a new nuclear power station, bus service cuts, airport expansion plans etc etc...

One bit of fun was an experiment Rob Mehta had been carrying out - see photo - last year Rob carried out an experiment using different water - see results here. This year he by mistake over watered all of the seeds by the same amount - the results showed best growth with teh spring water from Hawkwood, then tap water then fluoridated water. Of course these one off experiments don't have any scientific value but they are a bit of fun and replicate others who have shown similar results.

Anyhow we had a lively discussion after the speakers had finished which included a look at the best next steps. These will be picked up at our next meeting on 5th June at 2pm - contact us for details of venue.

Mysteries of water

I love this talk that Simon gives - it is the second time I heard it and I still find it fascinating - for a write up of the last talk which covered a lot of the same ground see my blog here - and see the photos here of a slide and one of the experiments.

Many people said afterwards that it gave them a whole new perspective on water - anyhow hope these notes give a taster of the AGM today.