Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Manchester Bid to put fluoride in water

The news today is that Manchester are looking at four schemes for adding fluoride to tap water across Greater Manchester.

Health bosses have asked United Utilities to price up four options. The costs of the different projects are being kept a closely guarded secret until September when they will be given to health trusts around the region, who will have to decide if any of the options are cost effective.
If primary care trust bosses decide any of the options are viable, NHS North West will hold a public consultation - expected to last four months - into the plans.

The four options are to add fluoride to:
The entire north west water supply (84 water plants); water supplied to Greater Manchester (26 plants); Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Blackburn water (42 plants); the 14 largest plants in the region, which supply most of Greater Manchester except for some of Rochdale.

Against the evidence some councils and health trusts in Greater Manchester have publicly supported the idea of fluoridating the water supply since 2005. Salford Council's Community, Health and Social Care Scrutiny panel met to hear presentations on the issue. More meetings are now expected across the region. Guy Harkin, director of North West Fluoridation Evaluation group, said: "In 2005 the chief dental officer wrote to all PCTs requiring them to consider fluoridation and there are lots of health trusts now looking at the costs involved. The first step is to decide if fluoridation is cost effective."

Anti-fluoride campaigner Paul Cline said: "I am not against the health authority providing fluoride toothpaste or sprays to children with poor dental health but they cannot justify mass medication of all children, their parents, grandparents and neighbours."

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Centre for Political Song lists our song!

The Centre for Political Song at the Glasgow Caledonian University exists to promote and foster an awareness of all forms of political song. I sent our song in yesterdays blog off for consideration and have heard this morning that it will be listed on their website. Here is their email:

Many thanks for the e-mail, and for sending in the song, which we will certainly include on the website. If you have any other songs from your campaign, either now or in the future, please send them in. We at the Centre for Political Song are particularly interested in gathering in material from local campaigns such as yours. It seems that whenever an action group is formed people start to write songs to rally, sustain, promote, educate, and otherwise benefit their campaign; often these rather ephemeral songs are lost once the campaign is over. Please note that we are very short staffed at the moment, so it may be a couple of weeks before we can get the song up on the site.

Monday, 28 May 2007

A song opposing fluoridation

At last I have hear the words and music of the song that was played at our recent AGM. Apols but text still seems to be running into itself with no gaps - will try to rectify soon.

BROWN SPOTTED TEETH (A song opposing fluoridation)

All your life, you’ve often thought your drinking water’s clear;
You’ll down a glass, or maybe two, with now’t to risk or fear,
But poison in our water taps will mean that, all too soon,
Our teeth go brown with pits and flecks like craters on the moon.


Brown spotted teeth, brown spotted teeth! Say goodbye to self respect with brown spotted teeth! repeat chorus

The dentists they will tell you all to brush with fluoride paste,
But fluoride in the water taps is crude untreated waste.
You sure must be aware that now our fuels are free from lead,
But fluorides in your cans of drink will give you lead instead.


If you should choose to down a pint of beer, the brew sublime,
To tamper with its water, well, it sure would be a crime,
But that is what our Govn’ment wants to do to everyone.
You’ll have no voice to make a choice. Your health’s a loaded gun.


Get happy on the dancing floor. Your partner’s looking pleased.
With fluoridated spotty teeth you smile, but don’t say cheese.
The dental quack he’ll say to you, “Veneering will disguise
Those pits and flecks and browny stains. No sweat; you’ll be surprised.”
But when you come to pay your bill, you’ll wonder what he did.
To give you back your self respect he’ll take five hundred quid.


West Midlands is the region claimed for lowest tooth decay.
The kids enjoy their fluoride drinks. They have them every day;
But unbeknown to mums and dads, their health is on the slip,
For in their life expectancy they’ll likely break a hip.


Fluoride will affect us all, our horses, dogs and cats.
In years gone by in USA ‘twas used for killing rats!
Don’t be fooled by NHS its argument is thin:
Avoiding fluoride through your mouth you’ll get it through the skin


Don’t misunderstand this lads: While you enjoy your beers,
Your health is going all to pot, so thank you Hazel Blears.
She spoke up in the House of Comm’s debating off the cuff
“You don’t want fluoride water folks? Then drink the bottled stuff!”


Keep our water safe lads, lets keep our water safe,
Don’t play games with public health let’s keep our water safe.
Keep our water safe lads, lets keep our water safe,
Stand up for your human rights lets keep our water safe.

Words—Bernard Seward
Rob Mehta
Performed by- Rob and Jehanne Mehta (see photo)

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Email top Boris Johnson

To: Daily Telegraph in response to article by Boris Johnson

Dear Boris,


'The most poisonous substance in the world' - Is it? I'm not sure how it stands in relation to Plutonium but it can't be far away.

"One drop the size of a full stop; enough to poison a legion" Your own words, Boris; and worth committing to memory, since I guess that puts it into general perspective for most of us, especially the 9 per cent of the UK population who are getting it daily through their water supply.

Polonium 210, discovered by Mme Curie in her research on Radium, has a safe threshold value
of 5.3 trillionth parts of a gram. In figures that is (stand back!) 0.0000000000053
In other words, it's lethal in any kind of quantity perceivable to the layman and yet, as a variable component of the fluorosilicic acid used to treat the tap water of the folks in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, the Welsh border counties and parts of the North East, it is approved for use by the Department of Health (or do I mean 'Stealth'?).

At a recent conference of the taxpayer-funded British Fluoridation Society, Professor Michael Lennon called for a further 20 per cent of the population to be fluoridated - without consultation, a one-to-one signed agreement, human rights or regard for the illegality of such a measure. That would bring the total up to 18 million English citizens (Scotland has disowned it), fluoridated through their water supplies because (it is claimed) a relatively tiny minority of children have bad teeth.

It really is about time that you and the Daily Telegraph took the lid off this dreadful scam which has been blowing hot and cold for the last fifty years.

The presence of Polonium is bad enough, but if the radiation does't get at you, the heavy metals will. It took a few £billion to get rid of Lead in petrol; so how do we justify putting it back into circulation via the water supplies? And Mercury! And Cadmium! And Chromium! And Silicon!

When, last October, I challenged NICE to comment on Fluoridation, its reply was to the effect that since 'fluoride' is not a medicine, being uncertificated for both public consumption and as a medicinal product, it was outwith its area of responsibility.

So I suppose that gets NICE off the hook for anything to do with the nation-wide supply of an untreated industrial waste chemical containing carcinogenic and neurotoxicant substances, high level corrosives and radionuclides having infinitesimal safety thresholds? That, folks, in case you didn't know, is "Fluoride - the magic bullet for children's teeth."

We acquired it in the 40s, courtesy of the US Defense Department which had immeasurable quantities of Gaseous Hydrogen Fluoride stockpiled in the wake of the Manhattan Project. If the technology hasn't changed, the Iranians will be accumulating it similarly with their Uranium enrichment.

It is non-biodegradable and probably the ultimate pollutant. 60 per cent of it in our water is retained by the renal function. It corrodes glass. It destroys 66 of the 83 enzymes we all need to function correctly, so the effect on the immune system does not need much elaboration - bad news for the recovery of surgical cases, AIDS patients, especially in fluoridated South Africa; and very young fluorine-hypersensitive infants whose premature deaths are attributed to other causes. Insofar as teeth are concerned, it causes more problems long term than it is claimed to prevent, dental and skeletal fluorosis being at the forefront.

I have tried previously to communicate with you on this subject and I will probably do so again, but please don't dismiss me as a 'nutter'. There are enough of those among the self-interested cross-party members in the Palace of Westminster and in the DoH. The web site of the National Pure Water Association is a good source of researched scientific reference and I would especially commend to your attention the following:

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Respectfully, Bernard J Seward

Monday, 21 May 2007

Take part in National Dental survey

The British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) survey is underway and we need everyone to send them a very clear message about water fluoridation.

Amongst other questions the survey asks is if your water supply is fluoridated and if you would like it to be. Let us send a message to the BDHF that we do not want fluoridated water. Name and email address are the only obligatory questions and you will receive a confirmatory email.

Your questions about water fluoridation answered here.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Another letter for the Telegraph

If its an EU No to mercury in barometers but an EU Yes to mercury in light bulbs,
where does the EU stand on mercury in our (artificially) fluoridated drinking water?

Bernard J Seward

Friday, 4 May 2007

Fluoride in Teflon

See The Ecologist website for an excellent article on the dangers of Teflon. Pat Thomas writes:
"In accordance with the precautionary principle, Teflon should be withdrawn completely from household use until DuPont can produce incontrovertible evidence that this artificial chemical compound is safe to use. If such data is not forthcoming it's easy to predict a future in which legal action could bring Teflon's manufacturer to its knees."