Sunday, 28 October 2012

Letter to press

Here's a personal view from one of our members in Bristol - letter sent to Western Daily:

Forcing care home patients to take their medication under conditions of systematic thuggery makes depressing reading. One hopes justice will prevail as a warning to all staff in care homes throughout the country.

However, the precedent for no-choice medication, even without prescription, has already been set by the National Health Service which claims the right to administer, without consent, a substance registered, not as a medication, but ranking Class 2 on The Poisons Register.  It is in the same league as the no antidote weedkiller Paraquat, now banned from use under health and safety regulations. I refer to Hexafluorosilicic acid, or simply 'fluoride' to the uninformed health officials and ministers who persist in using the term. In mainstream politics, only the Green Party has displayed an uncompromised grasp of its threat to public health.

The pro-fluoridation precept: "It's safe, proven and effective at limiting childhood tooth decay" is a claim yet to be substantiated by unbiased, independent clinical trials.

"Don't argue!  We're the experts; Fluoride is good for you."  This was the essence of the decision by the South Central Strategic Health Authority to overturn the 72,000 NO votes at Southampton; votes cast by the well informed members of the public, concerned about the deleterious effects of fluoride on their and their childrens' health, as reflected by the well documented evidence the NHS pretends not to have seen.

That evidence has been proved strong enough to see the practice of fluoridation banned or abandoned in all mainland European cities bar one.  The exception?   The Spanish city of Bilbao.  For what reason? Bilbao boasts a phosphate fertilizer plant and needs to dump its toxic, corrosive and radioactive waste material.  It can't be landfilled or flushed into the sea.

What better way then, than one drop at a time into the public water supply.  That's how it started in post war USA as a plug hole solution to the accumulation of gaseous hydrogen fluoride; the effluent from atomic bomb manufacture.  The US Environmental Protection Agency was told to keep quiet about it in the interests of national security.

The childhood consumers of US fluoridated water are today the bed blocking elderly in care homes, stricken with cancer, but that fact rates as another 'see no evil' policy among the political governing fraternity, not to mention our NHS.

Yes folks, baseless claims and contrived ignorance in high places makes it all official.

Bernard J Seward
45 years research on Fluoridation