Sunday, 14 September 2008

Alice in fluoridated Wonderland

This is taken from the Isle of Mann campaign video:

For the sake of a small group of children we have to take their medicine for the rest of our lives whether we have the condition or not.

100% of the water is treated and it is admitted that of the 100%, 40% is wasted through underground leaks. So that is 40% of the fluoride escaping into the environment where it is not supposed to go.

Of the 60%, 7/8th is used by industry which includes the farming industry. The 1/8th that comes into your home, 99% you flush down the toilet, wash your clothes with and water the lawn. The remaining 1% of the 1/8th of the 60% is for drinking and washing. There are 3% of the population with the bad teeth who drink the 3% of the 1% of the 1/8th of the 60%.

Does that sound like a good way to deliver medicine?

Besides, this group of children are drinking fizzy drinks what is the point of putting it in for them?

Friday, 12 September 2008

Act now for Southampton - URGENT

Consultation on South Central SHA's proposal to fluoridate water supplies in Southampton and SW Hampshire begins Monday, 8 September 2008. Consultation will be open from Sept 8th until Dec 19th. This is what they say:
Have your say: what do you think about putting fluoride in the water?
In 2009 the Board of South Central Strategic Health Authority will decide whether it is a good idea to put fluoride in the water supply. They will base their decision on research evidence, surveys, expert guidance and feedback from local people. The consultation is not a 'vote' so the option with the most support will not necessarily be chosen. It is more important for the Board to understand the reasons for your views and the pros and cons of putting fluoride in the water. Please spend a few minutes to let us know what you think. Feel free to attach a letter or additional pages.
Any comments received after this will not be included in evaluation.
Anyone who is concerned about Water Fluoridation please go to South Central SHA's Fluoridation Consultation homepage:

Register your views as soon as possible. Now is the time to act not just for Southampton but to voice opposition for possible Water Fluoridation in YOUR area in future.

For a map of areas that will be affected by Southampton's fluoridation plan click the link below:

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Letter to Daily Mail on water fluoridation

Letter sent to Daily Mail on 4th August 2008 by Safe Water Campaign member Bernard Seward:

Congratulations to the Daily Mail on daring to break ranks with the national media on fluoride. Time is long overdue for this secretively managed attack on the public to be exposed for what it is; a scientific fraud masquerading as a health benefit.

Fluoridation has been practised since the end of WW2 when it was a state-sponsored fly-tipping experiment, allowing the American Defense Dept to dispose of its atomic processing wastes. The outcome in terms of public health has been staggeringly negative, but nobody who has failed to research the subject fully, will be aware of it.

The UK Government, of all parties except the Green Party, has consistently maintained a steady position: We have not looked for any evidence likely to cast doubt on the health benefit of fluoridation; and since we haven't seen any, we may confidently conclude that there isn't any. Anybody who says different is a liar, a kook or a 'flat earther'.

Unfortunately, that group would include 14 Nobel Prizewinners in medicine, biology and toxicology; and internationally distinguished medics and scientists in the UK, the USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and China. The Chinese, incidentally have halted all fluoridation schemes on account of the proven IQ deficits likely to compromise their globally dominated plans for its graduates.

An article published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 1948:41:284-90
reads: "Fluoride causes a delay in tooth eruption of roughly a year. Children aged 5 living in fluoridated areas should be compared with children aged 4 living in non-fluoridated areas. When this is done, there is no benefit from water fluoridation."

Thus, by postponing the eruption of teeth by approximately 1.2 years, the statistics can show a 50% delay in the decay of those un-erupted teeth. It is a postponement, not a prevention. By teen age, the decay levels are comparable but the fluoridated children will be disadvantaged from becoming liable to dental and later to skeletal fluorosis for which there is no cure, not to mention ADHD, aspects of disturbed behaviour, reduced IQ and many other developmental risks the Government would rather we didn't know too much about.

Curiously, Europe has virtually turned its back on fluoridation because of the acknowledged risks to health.

Whatever happened to harmonisation?

Bernard J Seward B.Ed(Hons) LCGI, MIP3