Sunday, 14 September 2008

Alice in fluoridated Wonderland

This is taken from the Isle of Mann campaign video:

For the sake of a small group of children we have to take their medicine for the rest of our lives whether we have the condition or not.

100% of the water is treated and it is admitted that of the 100%, 40% is wasted through underground leaks. So that is 40% of the fluoride escaping into the environment where it is not supposed to go.

Of the 60%, 7/8th is used by industry which includes the farming industry. The 1/8th that comes into your home, 99% you flush down the toilet, wash your clothes with and water the lawn. The remaining 1% of the 1/8th of the 60% is for drinking and washing. There are 3% of the population with the bad teeth who drink the 3% of the 1% of the 1/8th of the 60%.

Does that sound like a good way to deliver medicine?

Besides, this group of children are drinking fizzy drinks what is the point of putting it in for them?