Saturday, 3 September 2011

Letter to Evening Post

Here is a letter from one of our members to the Evening Post:


Since the Director of Public Prosecutions appears to have put a spoke in the Prime Minister's wheel by insisting that all criminal acts are treated on the proverbial 'level playing field', he won't be able to avoid using his big stick on the British Dental Association. Described as a trade union for dentists, the BDA, using assumed power very much out of scale with its political status, is about to engage in ramming through a measure of compulsory medication in the forthcoming debate on the Health and Social Care Bill.

H & S C has been on the Government's books for some time and now, having achieved a documentary blockbuster of 450 pages, it is being given all of two days of debate.  How things have changed since the Foxhunting Bill.

The B D A wants to dominate the debate with its 'nanny state' insistence, that fluoridation - the practice of poisoning everyone's drinking water - is a safe, proven and effective way of treating juvenile dental decay.

Global evidence accumulated over the last half century utterly refutes this proposition.  Fluoridation has been widely discredited on ethical, physical and mental platforms.  It is a scam devised by people in high places in health administration interested only in cashing in on its financial incentives.

However, more recently it has come under scrutiny by the European Court of Justice.  The ECJ has been instrumental in the rigorous interpetation of the new definitions of water.  Tap water; Medicinal water and Functional water; the latter being related with our range of soft drinks. Medicinal water can be any water product for which a medicinal benefit has been claimed, whether true or false.  Medicinal value takes precedence over functional and on that basis alone, state-fluoridated water must be subject to the same pharmacological testing as applies to all medicines whether retailed or prescribed.

Since the fluoridating agent in current use is an unrefined, untested waste product of the fertiliser industry, it could not, short of outright fraud, pass such a test and in those parts of the country, notably the West Midlands, which have been fluoridated for the last forty years, a legitimacy test of that intervention is long overdue.  Notwithstanding the current legislative position, the British Dental Association expects to plough on unobstructed with manipulating the H&SC Bill to its own self-centred advantage.  That particular advantage lies in the vast sums to be made from treating - but never curing - the socially repulsive condition known as dental fluorosis which will affect a substantial proportion of the fluoridated population, especially the young. At £300 plus per tooth, repeatable every five years, the treatment can only be privately funded since the NHS, having promoted fluoridation,  has defined fluorosis as 'merely cosmetic' and declines to include it within its agenda of low cost or free-of-charge treatments.

The slogan in the US which introduced fluoridation as a legalised chemical fly-tipping cop-out for the defence industry was  'Fluoride gives poor kids rich kids teeth.'   Nothing could be further from the truth.  The poorest children in the most fluoridated cities of America have the worst teeth of all.  Fluorosis cosmetic dentistry is utterly beyond their means.

Worse still, the responsibility for settling our claims of compensation for this 'NHS crime against the person', is to be foisted on to district and city councils and thence to the taxpayers who already pay substantially to the maintenance of such health services as are critical or life-threatening.  Tooth decay enjoys no such status.

Copy this letter to your local councillor, or write your own; and ask for a reply, but don't accept 'fudge'.  Fluoridation is illegal and cannot underpin any insurance claim or sustain a municipal or parliamentary brush-off.

Bernard J Seward

Member :  National Pure Water Association,  Gloucestershire Safe Water Campaign,  Bristolians Against Fluoridaton, Socialist Environment & Resources Association