Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Blackburn hairdresser prompts letter to press

Letter to the Daily Telegraph:

Here's an interesting dichotomy!

For forty years, a Blackburn mens' hairdresser has been recycling his salon's floor sweepings as compostable material for his own garden.

I would certainly endorse the benefits, though with dog hair extracted from our vacuum cleaner.

The Blackburn barber has now been told he is in breach of the law which classifies discarded hair locks as trade waste, to be carted off by the local council to landfill.

By what law is the trade waste from phosphate fertiliser manufacture H2SiF6, a compound containing traces of heavy metals, corrosives and radionuclides, classified as being suitable
for addition to our public water supplies, with the approval of health authorities succumbing to UK NHS pressure to establish fluoridation schemes?

Bernard J Seward
Gloucestershire Safe Water Campaign