Friday, 2 October 2009

Sunflowers growth?

Letter to the Daily Telegraph:

On my Bristol allotment I have grown sunflowers with 15 and 18 inch (381 and 457mm) heads which needed staking to support their weight.

Stephen Dorey of Gloucestershire asks whether his water supply might influence his impressive multiple headed plants.

Not yet, Mr Dorey; but if Health Secretary Andy Burnham persists with his manic obsession to get more of of our supplies fluoridated, you will definitely see a difference.

It was the Dutch Bulb Growers Association which successfully petitioned to have fluoridation stopped in Holland because of its serious effect on its prime exports; daffs, tulips gladioli and lilies.

Extrapolated across English gardens, the agricultural landscape, environment and eco-system, we should all see a difference;
for the worse.

Bernard J Seward