Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Letter published in the Morning Star 16th Feb 2008

Let's be clear about Fluoridation;

Lets be clear about its true motive.

Fluoridation; the deliberate contamination of a clean public water supply by a poisonous fluorine-based compound is nothing to do with children and nothing to do with their teeth,or anybody's teeth, except in a most insidious way.

Adding the fluorine compound to our water is the only economic option available for the disposal, at a profit, free from prosecution by the Health & Safety Executive, of a toxic, corrosive and radioactive industrial bi-product, diSodium fluorosilicate (H2SiF6). To cite the naturally occurring insoluble Calcium fluoride as a health benefit is itself questionable. It has never been subject to rigorous scientific proof. By contrast, H2SiF6 contains known carcinogenics, nerve poisons and enzyme destructors which will certainly bring ill health, depression, disturbed behaviour, depressed IQ and a shortened life span for millions of those forced, without choice or signed consent, to consume it.

The chief beneficiaries will be the drug companies pretending to offer relief from the side effects and dentists expensively refurbishing the surfaces of teeth disfigured by dental fluorosis. The environmental price paid for a road traffic accident involving a fluoride tanker could well be equalto a tactical nuclear attack.Whatever happened to 'proportionality' - a favourite buzz word in European politics?

Bernard J Seward

Member : National Pure Water Association: Safe Water Campaign for Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire