Friday, 18 January 2008

Published in "Bristol Evening Post"


I don't know why Gordon Brown is so keen to reform the NHS with free health checks. Is he really serious about saving lives?He is presumably quite happy with the call for 18 million of us to accept silicofluoride in our tap water on the pretence of helping children to avoid tooth decay.All fluorine compunds are toxic and silicofluoride is no exception. Indeed, it is not only toxic, but corrosive to glass, concrete, steel and our copper plumbing as well. Traces of radioactive Radium and Polonium 210 are also present. The public risk to health from just one road accident involving a fluoride transport tanker is potentially catastrophic.Said to be safe in our water at a dilution of 1 part fluoride per million of water; risky at 2ppm and harmful at 3ppm, this gives what is known as a therapeutic index (a safety margin) of no more than 3. All other drugs designed for human use are required to have an index of at least 100.So what does that tell us about prime ministerial concern for our health?

Bernard J Seward Bristol