Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Video of Southampton 2009 meeting

Film taken back in February 2009 shows the hearing where the evidence for and against fluoridation was discussed - and the South Central Strategic Health Authority came to their unanimous decision including the chairman to fluoridate Southampton. It ended in uproar from the audience who were mainly opposed. During the three month consultation 72% of those who responded voted no.

As noted on this blog in January 2011 a Judicial Review will decide if the consultation result is upheld so no further work to implement fluoridation has proceeded. In 2012 the Strategic Health Authority itself will be abolished and future fluoridation schemes will be decided by democratic Councils.

SCSHA when they ignored the wishes of the people and voted in fluoridation - see them at:

As the blog site notes it is quite interesting for instance one member who supposedly had studied the evidence over the 3 months asked such a naive question as to whether fluorosis is permanent!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Waiting for Judicial Review

Many of us are waiting for the Judicial Review re Southampton which is now to be heard in full on 19th & 20th January in London. This decision will have huge implications. If water fluoridation goes ahead there it opens the door to more attempts to fluoridate more of our water.

The Telegraph and Argus report that the 'Fluoride study first phase should be done by end of year'. The results of this study will look to see if fluoridation is technically possible and how much it would cost. This could also influence decisions.

Meanwhile the UK Councils Against Fluoridation website has been updated: A new entry is the letter to the EU Commissioner to enforce medicinal law on water fluoridation chemicals.

There are also very real concerns that the abolition of SHA's and PCT's and who will then take the decisions on fluoridation. Would local authorities have a role? If so there are issues like:
1. Local authorities do not employ doctors, toxicologists and other experts in the medical field.
2. It is not legal for an unqualified person such as a councillor to prescribe medication.
3. To take such a responsibility would mean that councillors would each have to have extensive personal liability insurance.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Safety of fluoridation questionned by EU

Safety of Water Fluoridation Questioned by EU Scientific Committee on Health Risks. The latest issue of Hampshire Against Fluoridation's newsletter reports that:

Water fluoridation has been described as 'a crude and rather ineffective form of systemic fluoride treatment to prevent dental caries without a detectable threshold for dental and bone damage‘.

This is the opinion of the EU Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) contained in a recent report on the scientific evidence on water fluoridation. Their report also concludes that: 'There is no obvious advantage in favour of water fluoridation compared to topical application which is the most effective method for prevention of tooth decay’.

These and other aspects of water fluoridation‘s safety were discussed at a special hearing in Brussels on 17th September. Hampshire Against Fluoridation‘s chairman, Stephen Peckham (husband of Anna who came recently to Stroud to share their campaigning experiences), was one of a number of international scientists, health and environmental campaigners who presented detailed evidence of the adverse effects of adding fluoride to drinking water.

The Committee‘s findings directly challenge the SHA‘s claim that fluoridation is ―safe and effective. While the SHA continues to promote 1ppm as an ̳optimum level‘ of fluoride in water, the Scientific Committee concluded that in areas where water contains fluoride at concentrations over 0.8ppm, chil- dren under 12 years will exceed the upper limits for fluoride ingestion. Stephen Peckham said: 'As Hampshire Against Fluoridation has always argued, the SHA have not properly considered the evidence. This timely scientific review demonstrates that water fluoridation will expose children to excess levels of fluoride. It is shocking that the SHA are ignoring this evidence.'

Over-exposure to fluoride in the UK and Eire was a key concern. Despite the SHA and PCT brushing-off such concerns, the EU Scientific Committee took very seri- ously the problem of excess ingestion, argu- ing that there is an urgent need for further research. They were particularly worried about bone cancer in young boys – a concern dismissed by the SHA in their consultation document. At the hearing, Professor, Stephen Peckham and John Graham.

Vyvyan Howard, a leading international researcher in molecular bioscience at the University of Ulster, argued that if regulatory approval for fluoridation chemicals was being sought today based on the data presented to the hearing by SCHER, the chances of obtaining it were extremely remote.

US based Ellen and Paul Connett from the Fluoride Action Network and Dr Ziegelbecker from Austria joined representatives from the National Pure Water Association, HAF, VOICE of Concern for the Irish Environment, Dr Jennifer Luke and Professor Vyvyan Howard. Also in attendance were a leading supplier of fluoride toothpastes in Europe and the Spanish company producing and supplying fluorosili- cates to Ireland. The only UK pro-fluoridation attendees were the chairman of the British Fluoridation Society and a representative of UK dental associations. No Department of Health or NHS representative attended despite their strong support for water fluoridation!

You can download a copy of the Scientific Committee‘s Preliminary Opinion on water fluoridation here.